So I Decided to Write a Book…

So, I finally decided to put the pen to the pad, literally, and write a book.  I had been toying with the idea for a while but was never serious about it.  I didn’t think I had anything to share worth reading.  Honestly, I was a little timid to write creatively without inserting research articles.  Once I worked up the nerve and finally wrote the first draft, I quickly realized how liberating it is to write what you are an expert on–your own life– without the need for citations.   I wanted to share what I was passionate about: college success; but, I didn’t want it to be just practical tips and strategies.  I wanted to discuss what really gets in the way of a degree, which is simply life.  For me to do that, I’d have to share my own truth.  Me? This introvert? Yep, me.

So while this is not a Lemonade/4:44 type of a book,  I did push myself to talk about my perspective as a minority, first-generation, low-income graduate student from the rural south.  I share what propelled me to complete my terminal degree at 26 and become an higher education administrator by 30. I focus a lot about ways to change mindsets so that students can maximize their college experience.  It features big abstract strategies that helps students understand the value of common practical college success tips.  I wanted it to speak directly to students who may not have family and mentors to help guide them through this journey.

I don’t have an official release date, and I’m still toying with the title.  But what I can tell you is my five hopes for this book.  I hope that this book:

  1. connects with a diverse audience but specifically young, minority, rural students.
  2. becomes a common read for 1st-Year Experience Programs
  3. is read by parents and guardians so that they can gently guide their college bound students.
  4. is purchased as a gift for high school graduates
  5. pushes me to start creating a textbook and curriculum for first-year seminars.

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