Professional Services

I am available to contribute my professional expertise through a variety of mediums.  Please contact me so that we can discuss how I can meet the needs of your organization.


  • Student Success Strategic Planning
  • Advising Evaluation
  • Learning Support Evaluation
  • Persistence Programming Initiatives
  • STEM Diversity Initiatives


  • Motivational
  • College Preparation (Parents & Students)
  • Maximizing Your College Experience
  • Smart Moves for Living the Good Life After College
  • Thriving as a Minority College Student
  • Time Management for the Busy Student Leader
  • Higher Grades in Less Time
  • Keeping Scholarship a Priority in Greek Life


  • Engaging Students in the Classroom
  • Improving Usage of Academic Support Services
  • Improving Student Learning with Metacognition
  • Creating a Holistic Approach to Retention and Persistence
  • Reducing Failure Rates in High Risk Courses
  • Improving Success of Minority STEM Majors
  • Increasing retention of STEM majors