Creating African American Male College Grads: 4 Tips for Parents

African American males are at higher risk for leaving college without a degree. While many Higher Education administrations have a great of work to do to ensure the success of all student populations, there are many things parents can do to ensure their African American sons are successful on any campus.

  1. In exploring college choices, be sure to find out the options in specialized programs for minority students. Many universities have mentoring programs, student organizations and academic programs that build a community of minority students.  
  2. Attend minority or multicultural orientations or mixers. These information sessions are the first attempt to connect with minority students.  There you can meet staff that directly work in programs that provide support. 
  3. Encourage your son to get involved on campus.  Not getting involved in activities outside of class is a number one reason why most students are not successful.  Students who are involved have access to influential people, resources and insight compared to students who are not involved. There are various opportunities to work on campus, play intramural sports, or join a student organization. 
  4. Encourage your son to find a mentor through an upperclassman, staff or faculty member. A mentor is someone that can connect your son to resources and can motivate him to attain his goals. Identify and connect with African American staff and faculty members. You will be surprised at how many are open to mentoring students. 

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