Do You Need A Mindset Makeover?

In my undergraduate years, I eagerly applied to a summer research program. Besides plain old teaching labs in biology and chemistry, I had never had an opportunity to conduct real laboratory research. It was really intimidating. There were chemicals I’ve never heard of. And, protocols and procedures I’ve never completed. And everything was measured inContinue reading “Do You Need A Mindset Makeover?”

After the Vision Board…

I must be transparent. I’ve never been a fan of vision boards or vision board parties. I’ve seen them grow in popularity over the years.  I’ve never attended one except for the one I planned as part of my planning retreat for ladies. I was reluctant to include it because of my personal beliefs butContinue reading “After the Vision Board…”

So I Decided to Write a Book…

So, I finally decided to put the pen to the pad, literally, and write a book.  I had been toying with the idea for a while but was never serious about it.  I didn’t think I had anything to share worth reading.  Honestly, I was a little timid to write creatively without inserting research articles. Continue reading “So I Decided to Write a Book…”

College Exit Strategies: Five Academic Resolutions for the New Year

Spring is here! It’s another chance to improve your GPA, adopt new habits and to make up for the excessive fun the fall semester brought. As a learning consultant, I see many students wanting a fresh academic start this semester.  Some want to improve their GPA to get into their major college, some want toContinue reading “College Exit Strategies: Five Academic Resolutions for the New Year”

Raising College Grads: Home is where SMART starts! Part 2

In Raising College Grads…Part 1, (Read Here) I discussed how many college success skills are developed or strengthen outside of the classroom during their k-12 years.  Skills like reading comprehension (not just reading),  writing, and critical thinking take time and consistency to develop. “Smartness” and college success just doesn’t happen.  It takes a lot ofContinue reading “Raising College Grads: Home is where SMART starts! Part 2”

Raising College Grads: Home is where SMART starts! Part 1

“That school does nothing for my child!”  "That teacher doesn’t teach my baby anything.“  "This school district is terrible.” “We have the worst education system in the nation”.   If I had a nickel for every time I have heard those phrases I would be at least a thousand-aire :).  Yes, a formal education isContinue reading “Raising College Grads: Home is where SMART starts! Part 1”

Creating African American Male College Grads: 4 Tips for Parents

African American males are at higher risk for leaving college without a degree. While many Higher Education administrations have a great of work to do to ensure the success of all student populations, there are many things parents can do to ensure their African American sons are successful on any campus. In exploring college choices,Continue reading “Creating African American Male College Grads: 4 Tips for Parents”

4 Lessons Learned from the Best Man Holiday

This blog has been in the process for a couple of months (8+).  I knew what I wanted to share but didn’t quite have the motivation or passion to do it. But that all changed on 11/14/13 during my early viewing of The Best Man Holiday! Yes, most people will see it on the 11/15/13,Continue reading “4 Lessons Learned from the Best Man Holiday”

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