Live Wiser: The Ultimate Guide to Adulting Post-Grad

Dr. Erin R. Wheeler’s Live Wiser: The Ultimate Guide to Adulting Post-Grad provides valuable insights into the pitfalls of adulting.  Rooted in Dr. Wheeler’s openness and willingness to share her storied, familiar journey, Live Wiser explores what it means to determine who you are and what kind of adult you want to become.  This is a must-read for anyone struggling to find their way and especially for those who think they have their way already planned.

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Many students enter into college blindly, unaware of the common pitfalls that could delay or deny a degree. Geaux Wiser: Secrets to College Success helps students adopt a growth mindset that yields optimal success in college, life, and career.  This book is perfect for college-bound students and college students alike.

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