4 Lessons Learned from the Best Man Holiday


This blog has been in the process for a couple of months (8+).  I knew what I wanted to share but didn’t quite have the motivation or passion to do it. But that all changed on 11/14/13 during my early viewing of The Best Man Holiday! Yes, most people will see it on the 11/15/13, but in my eagerness to purchase tickets I realized I can go see it a day early before everybody else would start gushing about it first. (Yes, I’m petty).

15 years ago I was 13 and this movie was the instant cult classic, especially for those young African Americans who were 20-35 years old back then. This was not just a movie. It represented entertainment that educated African Americans could relate to. I didn’t understand the gravity of it until I myself was a college graduate and saw some of the same stories lines play out in my friend’s lives. The Best Man is one of those comforting classics that I play at least once a month. So, when  I heard the rumblings that there was going to be a sequel I became excited. By the buzz that has been generated around this movie the past couple of months, I’m not the only one. 

Let’s cut to the chase…the movie was AWESOME! I’m not going to spoil it, but the writing was FANTASTIC (shout out to Malcom Lee) and the roller coaster ride was not only fun but it was filled with awesome lessons that my generation can definitely take to heart. I analyze things that most wouldn’t (which is the basis of my blog 🙂 ). So here is what I took away from this film.

Let go of pride. Being prideful causes you to miss out on the favor and blessings God has for you.

Holding on to anger will eat you alive. Truly forgive and forget for your sake…not the other person. 

Faith can make a difference in sanity and insanity.  Its the only thing that can sustain you when you can’t SEE past your situation. 

Know who your true friends are and hold them close. True friends will bask in your sunshine AND weather all kinds of storms. 

I would love to hear your view, so….go support a great film and let me know what you think!

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