Minority Collegiate Males Speak Out…and its the Truth!  

This video is titled “Black Bruins”.  However, you can replace Bruins with any American Mascot and it will be true for many of the college campuses in America. This video accurately captures the picture of the enrollment, retention and graduation rates of minority males. Its not a race thing, its human thing.  Research has proven that connecting with others who have similar backgrounds improves motivation and persistence in completing college. Increasing the number of minority males who not only attend but successfully complete college is not one man’s (or woman’s) job. Families should know and encourage healthy academic behaviors that help minority males overcome inherent obstacles. Faculty and staff should be culturally sensitive to the needs of every population. We as administrators have to do less talking and more listening to the needs of all our students but in particular those who feel isolated and disconnected.  Programs should be created to genuinely target minority males and not stigmatize them. As Sy Stokes said, diversity should not just be a word plastered on a recruitment brochure it needs to be seen in action. 

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